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Nepal Tea Exchange is an Exporter , Promoter, Purveyor, Global Marketer and one of the leading tea sourcing agency in Nepal;, exporting Finest Quality Orthodox Teas produced in the Himalayas of Nepal to the global market. Our Mission is to popularize Nepalese tea nationally and Globally. Though Nepalese teas are of immense quality there are few self imposed hurdles Nepalese tea industry faces which we want to become a solution to.

Our Mission

Addressing the Mislabeling Challenge of Nepal Tea

Due to concerned government agencies’ neglect, and a lack of proper knowledge in Nepali tea traders , about gaining direct market access in the United States and other big markets. High quality Nepalese teas are being exported in large quantities to India at a very low price point. Largely, the trend has been such that, Indian bulk buyers either tag the products as Darjeeling Tea, which is considered to be the highest quality Indian Tea. Or, they blend it with Darjeeling to export it to the United States and other big markets as super high quality Darjeeling Tea, “Made in India” This decades-long business model has led Nepalese Tea to become relatively Unknown in the world of Tea, even though Our teas are of Superior quality and even better than Chinese, Indian and Japanese Teas in many aspects.

The Direct Solution

At Nepal Tea Exchange, we are passionately committed to introducing the world to the unique and superior flavors of Nepalese tea. Our goal is to rescue these exceptional teas from obscurity and position them prominently on the global stage.

To combat the unethical practice of our teas being mislabeled as Darjeeling when exported to India, we offer a direct solution. By engaging with us, consumers can enjoy some of the rarest and most exquisite teas from the Himalayas, and contribute to a cause that seeks to affirm and elevate the status of Nepalese tea.

Understanding the importance of local consumption, we advocate for Nepalese people to appreciate and consume our premium teas domestically. This not only preserves high-quality teas for our local consumers but also enhances their value in international markets.

To address supply chain inefficiencies, Nepal Tea Exchange has launched a pioneering initiative: a transparent sourcing platform on our website. This platform, featured under the 'All Nepal Tea Wholesale' tab, allows global buyers and wholesalers direct access to premium, freshly harvested teas directly from the finest gardens and factories across Nepal.

We have also established an outlet in Chabahil, Kathmandu, inviting everyone to explore, understand, and savor these top-quality orthodox teas. This effort not only helps popularize high-grade Nepalese tea locally but also creates jobs, boosts the local economy, and raises awareness of our rich tea culture.

Visit us at Nepal Tea Exchange and be part of a transformative journey that enhances the reputation of Nepalese tea worldwide. Join us in celebrating and promoting the true essence of Himalayan teas.

Message From the Founder


I'm Aayush Poudyal, the founder of Nepal Tea Exchange, where our love for tea transcends the simple act of brewing a cup. We are pioneering a technological revolution within the tea industry, reshaping how Nepalese tea connects across borders. By harnessing advanced technology, we ensure that every leaf retains its narrative of quality, from our high-altitude gardens directly to your cup.

Nepal Tea Exchange is more than a marketplace; it's a catalyst for change, championing the purity and distinctiveness of Nepalese tea without bias. Our platform offers a competitive landscape where the finest, often undervalued teas, find their rightful place in the global market, overcoming the mislabeling as Darjeeling. This initiative not only preserves the identity of Nepalese tea but also revolutionizes the supply chain, making it seamless for buyers, importers, and wholesalers worldwide to access our premium products directly.

Thank you for joining us in this transformative journey. Together, we're not just drinking tea; we're making history.
Warm regards,
Aayush Poudyal

"Nepal Tea Exchange isn't just selling tea; we're restoring its rightful heritage and bringing the world's finest teas directly from our mountains to your doorstep."

 - Aayush Poudyal


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