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In the lush, verdant valleys of Nepal, where the air is as fresh as the morning dew, lies a revolution in the making—one that’s quietly brewing in the shadows of the majestic Himalayas. This revolution is not just about tea; it's about redefining global tea culture, and at the heart of this transformation is the Nepal Tea Exchange. This organization is on a mission to introduce the world to the unique flavors of Nepal Tea, offering a compelling alternative to the renowned Darjeeling tea.

The Essence of Nepal Tea: A Unique Darjeeling Tea Alternative

Nestled among the highest peaks in the world, Nepal's tea gardens offer something truly unique. The country's tea carries the essence of its pristine environment, characterized by a floral and fruity flavor with a hint of muskiness, distinguishing itself from its more famous counterpart, Darjeeling tea. Unlike the bold, robust teas of India, Nepal Tea promises a smooth, mellow taste that has, until now, remained one of the best-kept secrets in the tea world.

The Birth of Nepal Tea Exchange

In response to the challenges facing the Nepalese tea industry, including a long-standing supply chain issue and the obscurity of Nepal Tea on the global stage, the Nepal Tea Exchange was founded in 2021. This visionary enterprise emerged as a beacon of hope, aimed at disrupting the status quo by leveraging technology and innovative strategies to ensure that the rich, nuanced flavors of Himalayan tea can find their rightful place in the cups of tea enthusiasts worldwide.

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With a commitment to empowering local tea producers and providing them with direct access to international markets, the Nepal Tea Exchange has positioned itself as more than just a tea company—it's a movement dedicated to elevating Nepal Tea from the shadows to the global stage.

Why Nepal Tea Exchange Stands Out?

The journey of Nepal Tea to global recognition is fraught with challenges, primarily due to the traditional barriers that have kept it confined within the domestic and Indian markets. The Nepal Tea Exchange seeks to break these barriers by not only acting as a global marketer and purveyor of the finest quality orthodox tea but also as an advocate for the unique identity of Nepal Tea.

By choosing Nepal Tea, consumers are not only indulging in a rich, aromatic experience but also contributing to a noble mission. This mission aims to end the unethical practice of rebranding Nepal's superior teas as Darjeeling and to establish a distinct recognition for a tea that is arguably superior to some of the most celebrated teas around the world.

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Revolutionizing Tea Marketing

The Nepal Tea Exchange's innovative approach extends to its marketing strategies. From opening a flagship outlet in Kathmandu that welcomes tea lovers to explore a range of exquisite teas, to harnessing the power of online marketing and social media, the organization is making strides in promoting Nepal Tea across the globe.

Notably, its Souvenir Collection Spearmint Tea - 25 Tea Bags have climbed to the number 1 product on Daraz for Black Tea as of September 2023, a testament to the brand's growing popularity and the quality of its offerings.

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A Message from the Founder

Aayush Poudyal, the visionary behind the Nepal Tea Exchange, shares a passionate message about the organization's journey. Poudyal emphasizes the integration of cutting-edge information technology and innovative practices across the supply chain and operations. This dedication to tech-driven efficiency ensures that each cup of Nepal Tea reaches consumers with unmatched quality.

As Nepal Tea Exchange charts a course towards transforming the industry, it stands as the only tea brand committed to evolving with market trends and consumer preferences. This commitment to innovation and creativity is set to play a pivotal role in keeping Nepal Tea in vogue on the global stage, promising a bright future for the industry.


1. What is the unique taste of Nepalese tea?
Nepalese tea has a floral and fruity flavor with a hint of muskiness, and it is often described as having a smooth and mellow taste. The aroma of Nepal Tea is also distinctive, with floral and earthy notes. The high altitude at which Nepalese tea is grown results in slow growth of the tea leaves, which contributes to the unique taste and aroma.

2. Who is the founder of Nepal Tea Exchange?

Aayush Poudyal is the founder of Nepal Tea Exchange.

3. Where is Nepal Tea Exchange oultet located?
Nepal Tea Exchange is located at Gangahity Marg, Chabahil - 07, KathmanduNepal.

Here's the direction: Click Here.

4. How can I contact Nepal Tea Exchange?

You can contact Nepal Tea Exchange by either connecting in social media (Instagram: @nepalteaexchange and facebook: nepalteaexchange ) or you can call at: 01-4579910.



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